Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Your Art Blog Award

Another one? WOW! Karmen is being too generous by giving me yet another blog award. But I won't turn it down! She is part of the reason why I'm so amped on getting a brick and mortar store soon - she listens to me and then puts my vision into the words that I seem to lack. She's also been hired as my personal graphic designer, in case you can't tell by all the work she's done for me. Ok, now for my 7 things that I love:

  1. My husband - he has unmatched patience when it comes to my projects and dreams. He's supportive while at the same time providing me with a dose of reality when I get too far ahead of myself. He's working at a job that takes him far away from home for weeks at a time (he likes the job, hates being away from us) because he knows how important it is to our family that our children have a parent at home with them all the time until they're older. He sacrifices so much for us to have what we do and never complains. He is the most amazing man I've ever met and I'm thrilled to say that we're still in love after all this time.

  2. My children - they make me laugh, make me cry, and make me remember why I work so hard at working from home. They are growing and learning at an amazing speed. They are smart, sassy, and sweet. I can't imagine ever having a life without them.

  3. My friends - without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. They inspire me, push me, and support me in ways that only true friends can. I love them dearly and am blessed to have them. (You know who you are)

  4. My parents - they are always there for me, and my mom's one of my best friends. They accept me for who I am, even if they don't agree with my choices. They give me a helping hand when I need one, and, knowing that I hate accepting help, they offer me ways to return the favors. They invite me to all the family functions, whether I was originally invited or not. They babysit my kids from time to time so I can get much-needed breaks. They adore my husband and have "adopted" several of my friends. I can only hope that one day I can be like them for my children.

  5. Cooking - It's almost a type of therapy for me. I love creating new recipes and having them turn out delicious. I love to give gifts of food and watch people enjoy what I've cooked. I think I use the smells and colors of food as a kind of art.

  6. Creating - I haven't pinned myself down on just one medium and I haven't managed to become a pro at any of them, but I love to create. I love to make jewelry, incense, soap, candles, to sew clothing and make eye pillows, painting, sculpting....you name it, I've probably tried it or wanted to try it. Part of my secret new year's resolution this year is to craft more. Oops, guess it's not a secret anymore.

  7. Dancing - I haven't danced in a public place in years due to a husband with two left feet, but I love to dance. I used to go Swing dancing every week. I think Swing is my favorite kind of dancing. It's energetic and sexy without a lot of the modern "grinding" that looks like sex standing up. I might just take up swing dancing again if I can find a good club. Hubby said he doesn't mind if I go since he hates it. LOL

Now to pass on the award:

Karmen & Sarah - might as well keep this bouncing around, eh? You two are part of my inspiration to craft more this year. Thank you!

Lisa Lectura Creations - just discovered her blog, she has amazing art and is going on my list of inspirations.

la femme papier - another new blog discovery for me. And a timely one too as I'm just getting started in some altered book art and she has some great ideas for paper art.

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  1. Wow - that's so cool, thanks!!! I like your blog too! Isn't OWOH just the grandest thing?