Sunday, October 5, 2008


As some of you may know, The Funky Fairy Shoppe was started as a general partnership between my best-friend- in-the-whole-wide-world and myself. Well, she’s been having a bit of trouble in her home life lately and can’t put any thought, time, work or money into the store right now. So we agreed for me to buy her share and take care of the store, growing it and creating it as I see fit. When she’s ready and able to add more work and stress into her life, she has the option of buying back in at full partner, or even less if that’s needed.

This hasn’t put a strain on our relationship at all, as one would expect. We’re still the best of friends, we chat online almost every day and see each other as much as our busy schedules allow. We still hope for our younger children to get married - we’ve been talking about that since we met. In fact, I’m planning on seeing her later this week so we can help our kids make apple wreaths and paint using apple stamps (cut the apple in half the opposite what you would do to make apple slices and see the star).

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