Saturday, October 25, 2008


I'm so frustrated right now. I realized this past week that I don't have that many candles on the store to choose from. So I started hunting down a candle dropshipper/wholesaler. I already sell Enchanted Hollow candles, but they're all jar candles and melts for warmers. I don't have any stand alone candles, really.

My hunt for the perfect candle supplier was long and mostly fruitless. I want just regular candles - ones that you can put in your own holders - of all sizes. What's so hard about finding a place that sells tapers, pillars, and votives? Well, a lot apparently. Everyone's selling jar candles or specialty candles - you know, the ones that are shaped like Elvis?

I did find one place, finally, that carried what I wanted and would dropship and sell wholesale. I applied for their program - have to prove I'm a business and all that - 4 days ago. I haven't heard anything back. If I don't hear something by Monday, I'm calling them.

Some other items I've noticed I need to get more of are incense, pendulums, staffs, crystals/stones, and jewelry. These are the categories I'm going to focus on for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I already have enough suppliers that I don't have to go hunting again.

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