Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Vacation

This summer has seen our family taking a camping trip, going to Seattle for a vacation, and lots of sports for the kids. We've also been gearing up for homeschool and I've been taking a break to work on my spiritual health.

I've been reflecting on the store and where it's going, where I want it to go.  I've been thinking for the past couple months that I should close it down as my time is limited.  I can't dedicate myself 100% to the store.  I have small children to take care of, health issues to deal with, a garden to raise and harvest, and a commitment to SpiralScouts International.  I feel as if I'm taking on too much.  My health prevents me from doing a lot of what I want to do.  I am unable to walk very far for very long.  I can't sit at a computer for long periods of time any more.  I get worn down and have severe pain if I do too much physical activity.

However, I've decided I will continue to keep the store open with the goal in mind that eventually I want to have a physical store.  Even if it's a very small one only open a few days a week to start.  I will work on the website when I can and start looking more toward local events where the people who live here can get to know me and my products.

To that end, The Funky Fairy Shoppe will still attend the MRS Fair in Spokane in October.  Also, in the near future I hope to make a very special announcement about another event in October.  Please show your support in at least attending the MRS Fair and stopping by to say hi.

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